Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality watches, outstanding costumer service and competitive prices. EliteTime buys, sells and trades both new and pre-owned watches from a vast network of suppliers, dealers and collectors worldwide.


Accepting All Orders

Our network ensures that your special request is met. We welcome all orders including those from dealers, collectors, first time buyers and for any special occasions.


Quality at a Discount

EliteTime offers genuine brand name watches at substantial discounts to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Because of our discounted pricing, we are not “Authorized Dealers” as defined by the manufacturer. All of our watches are certified genuine and authentic. We at EliteTime buy our watches through authorized dealers and distributors and other established lines of distribution within the watch industry.



All our watches are guaranteed to be authentic. We do not sell replicas or fakes.


Forms of Payment

Money Orders, Cashier Checks, Wire Transfers and PayPal.