watch repair and service department

We start the process by inspecting the case, bracelet, dial, hands, and crystal for obvious signs of damage. Next, the watch is placed on the timing machine to get a base line reading of how the watch is performing. It is at the point that watch is opened, to inspect the movement and estimate the cost of repairs needed.

Next the customer will be provided with a formal estimate and a breakdown of what repairs are needed. Once the customer gives us the okay to begin repairs, we start by pre-cleaning the watch. Each part is inspected for wear, replacing all part that show wear to ensure that there will be no damage from faulty parts prematurely giving out. The gaskets and crystal are inspected/replaced as needed.

After replacing any parts that are needed, then the watch is cleaning again and reassembled using no less then 6 different oil/greases. The watch is timed on a state of the art timing machine in 6 positions over a 4 day examination process.

We also offer optional services such as polishing and case refinishing. The watch case and bracelet will be polished to factory specs, resulting in a watch that appears practically new!


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